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Fiscal printer FT4000/HSP7000

PopisCena bez DPH
Fiskálna tlačiareň FT4000/TM-H6000924 €
Fiskálny kit pre FT4000/TMH-6000 (sériový)378 €
Fiskálny kit pre FT4000/TMH-6000 (paralelný)378 €

Fiscal printer FT4000/HSP7000 contains
- hybrid printer EPSON TMH6000
- the printer consists of thermal print and dot matrix print mechanism
- customer display 2x16 characters located variable
- fiscal modul with software electronic journal
   to 100,000 receipts
- fiscal memory capacity of 2,500 daily balances
- keyboard for easy printing daily and overview balances    and copies of receipts

Hybrid printer with two printing mechanism. The printer corporates the high quality thermal print mechanism designed for printing receipts as well as components from the high speed dot matrix printer for cheque printing or delivery notes (A5 formAt).
The printer is suitable for pharmacy.
The printer can print graphic header and barcodes.
Free software the electronic journal is available for customer for archiving,viewing and printing receipts and daily balances.
If the parent appliciation does not have integrated legislative reguirements according to the Regulation No.289/2008 of Statue roll, to create receipts and other documents,you can use sipmle cash register software Pokladnica which is part of software the print manager.
Status LEDs on the fornt panel informs about the operating status of printer and are used for quick detection of the printer status. Opening cash register drawer and autocutting of receipt is obvious. The printer can print documents on a wide and narrow paper.
Print speed: thermal printer 300 mm/sec
Paper width: 80 mm
Paper roll diameter max. 83 mm.
Print speed: dot matrix printer 5.7 lines/sec
Paper width: <70-140> x <150-210> mm, šírka x dĺžka

Fiscal kit FT4000/TMH6000 is used to complete existing printer EPSON TMH6000 at the customer.

Interface:RS232, USB 2.0
Max resolution (B&W):x dpi
Printing width:76 mm
Characters per line:56 (Font A) / 64 (Font B)
Print speed: 300 mm
Print graphics: yes
Opening cash drawer:yes
Paper cutter:yes
Two-color printing:xxx
Printing barcodes:yes
Auto cutter:xxx cuts
MCBF reliability:96,000,000 lines
Thermal paper:width 80 mm
diameter 83 mm
Interface:RS232, USB 2.0
Printing method:9-pin cheque printing
Printing width:70-148 mm
Characters per line:60 (Font A) / 45 (Font B)
Print speed: 5.7 lines/seC
Print graphics: xxx
Paper cutter:no
Two-color printing:xxx
Printing barcodes:xxx
MCBF reliability:29,000,000 lines
Paper:width 70-148 mm, length 150-210 mm


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