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About us

Company Varos association was established in 1991. We are specialized on development and producing peripheral equipments. The primary activity is the development and production of fiscal modules and subsequent fiscal support for their integration into the POS . The business is also focused on selling POS components. As a result of our successful business we consider more than 3,000 satisfied business partners. In term of sale support and fast service availability we have sign contracts with more than 530 service centers for FM2000, FM3000 fiscal modules. For the fiscal printer FT4000 we have trained more than 235 service centers to date 1st June 2011.

Our company introduced on the market first fiscal module “TAMARA” in 1995. These equipment was used by more than 2,400 customers. In 1997 we put on the market new type series of fiscal module FM2000. The equipment still serves more than 5,500 customers. Later, in 2004 we innovated fiscal module FM2000 and we introduced new one FM3000. The module has been implemented in more than 8,000 operations. In 2010, new FT4000 printer was certificated. 11,350 modules have been installed to date 31st December 2013.

We offer:
- fiscal printer FT4000 according to Regulation no. 289/2008 of the Statue roll,
- cash register printer BIXLON, EPSON, STAR, PARTNER,
- scanners of bar codes OPTICON, METROLOGIC,
- metallic cash drawer,
- touch POS units ET-500, ET-700,
- compact POS computers with passive coolers,
- bar code printers ARGOX, BIXOLON,
- consumer supplies– inked ribbons, paper tapes, thermal tapes.


Establishment of the company.


Development and production of first fiscal module TAMARA for conditions of Slovak republic. First production 2,4000 pieces of external modules.


Establishment of association for development intelligent equipments controlled by microprocessors.


Introduction of fiscal module FM2000 on Slovak market. Firs production 2,900 external and 2,800 internal pieces of modules.


Development and production of fiscal module for Serbian market. Produced zero series of modules. Further purchase was not realized because of unclear political situation..


Introduction of new fiscal module FM 3000. Installed 8,100 units of external and internal modules.


Development and production of fiscal module FM3000 for Czech market. First production 400 units. Further purchase was not realized because of detention law efficiency.


Development and production FM4000 according to Regulation n. 289/2008 of Statue roll.
Preparing fiscal printer FT4000 for certification.


The company was divided into two separate units.
VAROS TECHNOLOGY s. r. o. - development of new equipment and maintenance updates.
VAROS TRADE s. r.o. - sale of fiscal printers, POS components and service support.


Certification of first fiscal printer FT4000/SRP350.


Starting sale of fiscal printer FT4000/SRP350.


Completion of certification for these models of FT4000:
FT4000/SRP350 FT4000/SRP275FT4000/HSP7000
FT4000/TSP650 FT4000/TMU220FT4000/TMH6000
FT4000/TMT88 FT4000/SP500FT4000/TMU950


Development and integration of data terminal UDB3000.
Recertification of fiscal printers FT4000 models:
FT4000/SRP350 FT4000/SRP275FT4000/TMH60000
FT4000/TMT88 FT4000/TMU220

Main activity:
- development and production of fiscal modules,
- analysis, suggestion and development of peripheral equipment – made-to-measure,
- support and consulting in field of integration to POS systems,
- long-time support and service of supplied equipment.

Service quality
We used in our products the most progressive technologies. Each equipment – fiscal module, fiscal memory is tested before integration to operations. There is tested function of all input and output peripherals. We consider quality for the most important factor of successful business. We adopted managerial quality system and we gained certificate ISO 9001 in 2006. We belong to first companies which introduced fiscal module on the Slovak market.

Our employees
We realized that main warranty of quality services is skilled staff. We provide to our employees space for their quantification growth and try to make comfortable and creative background for their work.

Between our clients belong important companies that have integrated our equipment – fiscal modules into their applications. Fiscal modules are set in exposed operations with lots of issued cash register receipts, e. g. petrol stations, shopping malls, food chains, restaurants, pubs and pharmacies etc.

AUTOTECHNA BARÁNEK, s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia
BUSHMAN Slovakia s.r.o. - fashion network
CINEMAX, a.s. - multiplex cinema network in Slovakia
COLORLAK SK, s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia
COOP Jednota Bratislava - stores TERNO Bratislava, B.Bystrica, Trenčín
Coffi Co - net cafe
DATART MEGASTORE, s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia
ELIT SLOVAKIA s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia
EUROVIA - Kameňolomy, s.r.o. - network of quarries in Slovakia
FAnn-parfumérie, s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia
FIT plus s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia
HAGARD:HAL, a. s. - network of outlets in Slovakia
HORNBACH-Baumarkt SK spol. s r.o. - shopping centers in Bratislava, Košice
INSTAMIK Slovakia, s.r.o.
Kúpele Dudince a.s.
Koliba Trade, s.r.o. - mobile sales
LewiS - fashion network
NICHOLTRACKT s.r.o. - tire and tire stores
Palace Cinemas SR, s.r.o. - multiplex cinema network in Slovakia
Palace Multikino, s.r.o. - multiplex cinema network in Slovakia
Raven a.s. - sale of metallurgical material
S.A.M.73 - network of sports equipment
SHELL Slovakia, s.r.o. - network of petrol stations in Slovakia
Slovak Health Spa Dudince a.s.
Slovak Health Spa Piešťany, a.s.
Slovak Health Spa Rajecké Teplice a.s.
ŠKODA Auto Slovensko - network of stores Skoda cars in Slovakia
TMS - MONTYS s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia
WOODCOTE Slovakia, s.r.o. - network of outlets in Slovakia

Our equipment is also used by suppliers of parking systems
TRITON s.r.o., VILLA PRO s.r.o., AS Parking s.r.o.,Scheidt & Bachmann Slovensko s.r.o. .....

Trade and distribution and servis

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Rudlovská cesta 53
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VAROS Technology, s.r.o.
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Banská Bystrica
Rudlovská cesta 53
97401 Banská Bystrica
048 /4145703, 4145704,
048 /4144917
0918 515 932


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